Friday, August 21, 2009

Chia Dude (or, "Every Face Has a Tree")

If Every Tree Has a Face,

Does Every Face Have a Tree?

Dude, that's what I see

Lookin' back at me.

There's an oak sapling growin'

Out each of your eyes

The books say they grow

When a Chia-Dude cries

So Chia-Dude, Chill!

Stop bawling you wimp!

If you don't stop I'll send you

to that leather-bound gimp

(The two-foot-tall one who's really a chimp)

The chimp gimp who'll end up bein' your pimp!

So stop asking for tissues,

The tree's growin' tall

Make thy eyes dry

Or the chimp-gimp I'll call!

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