Friday, October 30, 2009

The Middle Kid

Bob and Susan Gray had three children: Alec, Billy, and Charles. Alec was the oldest and the most talented. He could score many football touch downs and the young girls all thought he was dreamy to the max. Charles was the youngest, a darling baby, with smooth skin and big green eyes. All the family would come over and stare at Charles for hours on end. Just admiring his baby cuteness and altogether baby charm.

Billy was the middle kid. They locked him in a closet.

As Alec became older, he went to college, studied law and became a partner at his firm. He had sex with many prostitutes, even though he was married to a supermodel from Brazil. Generally, he would drink expensive drinks on his yacht and invite all of his old college buddies to admire the sexy women he surrounded himself with. Charles went on to high school and became quite the football player as well. All the girls loved him too and he dated the head cheerleader. He also won several awards for his art, which was inspired heavily by Picasso.

They moved Billy from the closet to a refrigerator. It was in the basement.

Alec died in the middle of having sex with many prostitutes. Charles died after a woman obsessed with his art stabbed him in the neck with a steak knife while he was eating dinner in Chicago.

Billy was still in the refrigerator, although he was now bones and lived in the junkyard. His body was found by a local homeless man, who was scrounging through the trash. Billy made national news and became world famous.

The world's most famous boy skeleton. The middle kid of the Gray family.

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