Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bad Noir In A Bad Way

Okay I tried to do the Noir thing for BOG and this is what I got before I passed out, drunk on the blood of Christ, reading Chimeraworld...

Junktown was not an easy place to spend a long night, and something in Dom’s pickled stomach told him this would be a long night indeed. Long nights were bitter alone, and so around 11:42 PM Dom called upon one of the city’s many fine escort services and ordered a low priced girl up to his shadowy apartment.

“Very minimalist, and nice use of lighting.” Said the whore, makeup smeared across her double chin, staring vacantly across Dom’s spartan living room.

“Don’t speak unless spoken to.” Dom replied.

The hooker smiled in somewhat mocking acquisition.

They got to bed.

Dom tried just fucking her normal at first, but after a few emotionless thrusts he was forced to get out his knives. She didn’t put up much of a fight and the virus inside his head told him to do so many things with her dead body.


Now, not only is it blah… its extremely misogynistic, even for me… this is why I can’t deal with word counts… over 1,000 words Nate, who the fuck do I look like… Proust? ( - :

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