Monday, July 6, 2009

Postmortem Love Triangles (II)

I always knew, that deep down, I was a bit of a faggy pervert... but this level of "kink" freaked even me out. The strapping young lad had his dick firmly implanted (and fucking, mind you) 7' inches deep into my urethra. The pain was unbearable, and the pleasure was the same. The act was inhuman. Surreal almost. I thought of old Dali and I came blood.

Have you ever seen a snake consuming it's mate after the worn ordeal of fucking.

This was it.

In the morning I saw a note... a poem really, on the bedsheets:

Our lies pronounced in whisperd hisses
our hearts reduced to hardend stone

Our passions fanned through forked toungued kisses
now petrified to die alone

(She only wants you for your power)


My fangs tasted my toungue.


I would have to think on this.


For W.S.B.

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