Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"A Man Builds A Maid"

A Man Builds A Maid

"Just someone to keep my house clean... fix my meals... and go away..."~Neil Young

Junktown, west of the famed necropolis built upon the ruins of New York City, certainly lived up to its name. There was ample room for The Junkman to hide among the hollowed out husks of old war machines, plenty of scrapmetal parts to stick into his festering skin-sockets, and a wonderful sense of chemical combustion in the air that could keep his borrowed flesh warm for days at a time. But alas, our poor Junkman fell victim to that same plague that befalls most feral mutants living alone among the ruins of desecrated steel juggernauts. He grew lonely.

So very lonely.

In time The Junkman decided to build himself a woman (how novel), and he truely felt as if he could build one from the pure abundance of unrequited love in his dying heart alone. Still, (just to be sure) he slaughtered three homeless women (who could never have loved him anyway), dug up the corpses of few beauty pageant winners, gathered his grisly tools of the trade... and got to work. After much blood, sweat, tears, and cum... she was finished.

So beautiful. Voluptuous corpse-meat and seductively patterned stitches, a woman through and through. All wired to a grand potato that powered her brain.

She was, in fact... too beautiful.

Far, far too beautiful for our poor Junkman.

So he ran in tears and shame to a nearby weapons shed and activated an ancient I-Bomb. As The Junkman watched the digital red countdown to the exact second that everything would once again become nothing, he thought that perhaps, just maybe, he was making this whole "romance" thing a bit more difficult on himself than necessary.

And just before his scrapheap of a laboratory exploded into atoms, The Junkman took one last look at his maid's sweet face, and thought of all that could have been...


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