Thursday, September 24, 2009

Naked Apes (part 2)

This world is a horrible, wretched place, and its abominations are omnipresent. We repress ourselves in illusion as a vain attempt at aversion to this twisted, sadistic plane of reality. Despite this, all men are brutish beasts and every woman is a whore.

We are all closeted half-faggots, blood drenched, beating at iron-glass walls in a self imposed exile for the benefit of a nonexistent society. We are all murderous, and we all in some way scratch this itch too, even if we can only kill a small part of a person.

We all want to rape and be raped, and we are drawn to hell like a moth to a flame.

We confuse pride with nobility, and not one act in the entire history of mankind has ever been anything close to selfless.

And we are all dying… but this is only a small mercy.


"There is no good biological reason why [we] should feel this much pain."

~ John Shirley

“Show me a man who is good… but at the same time increase my strength tenfold; for at the sight of such a monster, I may die of astonishment: men have died of less.”

~ Lautreamont

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