Saturday, September 19, 2009


-It killed me to do it against Janet’s will, but I had to duct-tape her mouth when the screams began to interfere with my calculations.

-Finding a table long enough to accommodate such a large animal became futile, so I built one.

-The incubation period was quicker than I expected. By the fourth month, with the giraffe safely back at the zoo, Janet was almost ready.

-At nearly five months, her stomach had taken on a square shape.

-Janet expired during the delivery, but I was pleased when I pulled the crossbreed out via C-section.

-It made a faint humming sound, letting me know it was hungry. Fortunately, I had a full bottle of Tide on hand.

-By the eleventh month, it had grown to full size and was ready to take on its first load.

(2007 Yak Archives)

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