Monday, February 1, 2010

Dynamics of a Boy/Girl Relationship

She entered the diner as he exited the bathroom. They stopped, stood and stared. Though they had never seen each other before, they immediately felt something between them. Something like a long, thin finger beckoning them forward. So they obeyed.

"Hello," he said. "Tell me, how do you differentiate between pain and pleasure?"

"I don't."

She punched him.

He laughed. She smiled.

They sat down at a table and shared a cherry soda together, sipping from straws just like in real life but not caring that it wasn't made with real cherries.


  1. I really like this. Especially the cherry soda.

  2. She sounds like my kinda gal ( ;

    I really dig your flash dude! What do you have out?

  3. Nothing at the moment.

    I've been thinking about putting together a chapbook this Spring before I start traveling again.