Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sects Seen

"You sure you wanna do this?"

A pair of arms wrapped around tighter still. His nervousness mutated into awkward primitive posturing. Suddenly, he was cool in his own eyes. He was losing his virginity.

She wasn't too worried about it. She knew what she wanted. Her clothes came off quick and it embarrassed her a little, like she was suppose to make that part last longer. She could see his nostrils flare.

"That's how babies are made."

He kissed her. "Ow," she replied, feeling hardness pressed against her.

He rubbed his face down her chest, "This is what girls like, right?" until he reached her belly. She didn't hear him; the voice echoed in her mind.

He probed with the tip at first, lightly circling the rim of her hole as if a vulture had found some good eats.

"Careful," she breathed, "If you're too rough you might tear me."

He nodded slightly and ran a few more laps. Urges prevailing, he slipped inside her. She let out a soft cry and bit her finger, thinking hard about which muscles to relax.

They got into a steady rhythm, she forgot about the minor bleeding and he actually made an effort to enjoy the sweat smells they were creating.

He began to swell with the rush of climax creeping into him. When he told her as much she only grabbed him and pulled him in deeper until he exploded inside her.

"Ah... AH... AHCHOO!!!" as he came.

They lay there frozen in the moment, his heartbeat vibrating throughout her body. A smile spread from her eyes to her mouth, mother's voice still echoing.

"That's how babies are made."

"Hm?" he asked.

The end of his nose was on fire. A thousand tiny thumbtack ants gnawing at the skin. He could feel the juices inside her gurgle. He tried to pull out but it was as if something in her was pulling back. He screamed as he ripped his head to the left and tore through her belly.

"Oh," he said, his nose caked in blood, small cum loogie hanging from a nostril.

Her mother had always told her to wait or else she'd end up with a kid. She couldn't think of a greater thing happening. She looked down at her baby, her beautiful bundle of joy, sitting in her lap. She cried and caressed the face, feeling the warmth. She bent down to kiss her new child, falling off the bed as he ran to get her parents.

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