Friday, November 13, 2009

Conversation Overheard By A Beercan

Dan: Listen, I don't want submit anything. What are you going to suggest I do next, fucking research? I told you before... I'm no fag.

Robert: What does research-

Dan: Shut the fuck up Robert. You just don't understand me, your bleeding heart pussy-pow-wow-dramas may sell to those fucking cunts in New York, but I aspire to something better... I want the publishers to come crawling to me like the hungry dogs they are for any bone I throw them. And I'll tell you-

Robert: Wait... you said I could have a dollar ever time you used the C-word… and I do plan on getting rich off of this.

Dan: Here is your filthy dollar fuckface. And you know damn well you are already rich.

Robert: I know, but I really want you to starve.

Dan: I thought you were a liberal.

Robert: I try, I try.

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