Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Hairless Beast And The Crippled Unicorn (A Fable)

The hairless beast, loping through the dense alpine forest, came across a crippled unicorn in a small clearing of saplings. A smile spread across its lopsided face, and rot-blackened fangs sprouted as the beast’s thick rubbery lips pulled back. Without a thought it snapped off the unicorn's spiraled horn, and in a single motion, impaled the horn through the unicorn’s eye, deep enough to pierce the socket but not so much that it reached the creature’s brain and spared it pain. When the hairless beast grew tired of watching the unicorn suffer (and this was a very long time indeed), it simply stomped on its neck with a bare, hairless foot... killing it instantly.

There was such satisfaction in destroying something so pure in so vile a manner that a sporadic stream of warm piss began to run down the hairless beast’s muscled thigh.

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