Thursday, March 26, 2009

Conversations Overheard By A Coffin

A Funeral Home

Voice 1: "Dude, these chicks are fucking hot."

Voice 2: "This is a funeral Sky."

Sky: "Whatever."

Voice 1 "Your mother’s funeral."

Sky: "Tell that to my cock. Look, I not trying be offensive or anything…but that chick over there-

Voice 1: Your cousin.

Sky: Whatever, totality fuckable man. I mean… subtract two points for the tits… and the ass is a little-

Voice 1: Just curious, how many points do you subtract for the fact you have the same Grandmother.

Sky: Stop being so conservative Donald, it’s not like she’s your fucking cousin…

Donald: How old is she? …like 17…

Sky: You’re deflecting. Point is, you probably wouldn’t even wash of your dick after sticking it up that sweet ass.

Donald: Look! I agreed to come Sky… now you promised you wouldn’t act this way in a church, you know-

Sky: Dude… fuck her… or not?

Donald: Okay asshole! I’d fuck your cousin. Are you happy now that I’ve justified you wanting to fuck a blood relative in a house of God! Yes, Okay! I’d fuck your little cousin right up her little ass!

Voice 3 (deep and angry): Hello boys.

Donald: Mister… mister…

Sky: Hi dad. Keep it down Donald… this is a funeral.


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