Friday, March 27, 2009

Silly Love Poems

"Calling All Cowgirls"

I lay broken at your feet,
but I still have my dignity
and that's a crying shame

so sew my mouth shut,
I promise I wont tell
use my flesh to your liking,
I was never all that fond of it anyway

do whatever you need to do
just don't leave me alone,
until one way or another...
I'm finished


...You said that sympathy was all you had to offer me that night,sympathy and your father's gunpowder Then you fired But it wasn't sympathy that I saw in your eyes,when I laughed away the buckshot that ripped thorough my organs (just as I had once ripped through yours) No It wasn't sympathy,when you saw my true face for the first time under the faded porchlightit, it was something far, far sweeter

But not nearly as sweet as you...


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