Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Same Billionaire, Same Billionaire Channel

"We've got you now!" said the government to Anarchist Billionaire.
Anarchist Billionaire was not worried.
"No, I don't think so gentlemen. I might owe you four hundred million dollars in back taxes, but last year I bought the likeness rights to George Washington..."
His sidekick Buxom Pornstar Lawyer finished his thought.
"And we're suing you for copyright infringement! One hundred thousand dollars for every bill you printed in the last year and every quarter you minted."
"But we can't afford that!" the goverment whined.
Anarchist Billionaire whacked the government with a shovel and laughed.
"Ha ha ha, then I guess this country's mine!"
"Curse you, Anarchist Billionaire," said the government as they signed the contract printed on Buxom Pornstar Lawyer's chest, effectively giving Anarchist Billionaire control of the country.
After giving half the country to the Crips and half to the Bloods, Anarchist Billionaire left for his moonbase, where he made love to several women far too attractive to talk to any of us.

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  1. Makes me think of the old Simpson's line...

    "It's funny cause it's true." ( :