Thursday, April 9, 2009



I unhinge my mind like the jaws of a snake, if only to make myself a better writer. My head hurts a bit afterwards, but I'll live.

At first I just see a budding flower grow from my keyboard, but upon expansion the strangebloom unfolds itself to be some sort of... creature. Five petals, starfish-tan, two branching out into tiny feet (or hands), one petal unfolding into a rope-like tail of knotted bone, one unfolding normally into tan flowerflesh, and the final petal sporting a plate-like dinaosaurhead, complete with obscene warts.

I can no longer tell if this is fiction.

I reach for my keyboard but the creature takes a bite at me with a set of iridescent fangs. I can feel upon impact that this is no dry-bite. The fictoxion tactfully avoids any possible cephalic carnage and instead , knowing my weakness, simply fools my cells and boils my heart in my chest.

Ash Lomen 09

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