Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Now I know you have heard of a cat clock but have you ever heard of a clock cat? They do exist—at least one does because I knew her quite well back where I used to live. Her name was Scooby Boo Bop and she was pretty and pink with gray spots on her paws. Scooby Boo Bop had a happy life living with the old lady who took care of her. But then the old lady died and Scooby Boo Bop was left alone to fend for herself.

She had to learn to sing and dance on the streets for her supper and usually spent the nights sleeping in dumpsters and hiding from nasty dogs

One day a man came. He seemed nice, fed her tuna fish and scratched her neck but when she wasn’t looking he snatched her up. She fought as best as she could but since she had no claws, poor Scooby Boo Bop was doomed!

The man took his new prize back to the laboratory in his basement and he put Scooby Boo Bop in a cage and stuck a needle in her neck. Scooby Boo Bop yowled in agony and rage but then fell fast asleep.

When she awoke, she found out that her whole insides had been replaced with a Mickey Mouse clock! On one side was the face, with Mickey pointing out the time and on her other side were the wind-up keys.

She knew her guts made up the gears of the clock—she could feel something twitch every time she ticked.

The man thought it would be great to have a living alarm clock. At first he wanted to put a clock in a dog but decided that waking up to barking wouldn’t be the most pleasant thing in the world. A cat’s meow would be a much nicer sound to hear in the morning, even more so than a rooster! So, he put his plan into action and all that was required was that the owner of the clock would have to keep the cat in the bedroom with them. Otherwise, the cat could roam anywhere and not be within earshot at wake up time.

What he didn’t count on though, was that the cat might not take too kindly to being turned into an alarm clock. And, once meowing in the morning, would not stand still to be shut off.

The man had to get out of bed and chase Scooby Boo Bop all over the bedroom for half an hour before he was finally able to capture her and stop the meowing alarm.

His wife was particularly annoyed by this rude awakening and as soon as the man went to take his shower, she grabbed Scooby Boo Bop and threw her out the window. It turns out that time doesn’t literally fly but it does indeed land on its feet.

The man lived the rest of his life in shame, as a failed inventor, and Scooby Boo Bop ran away to join the F.B.I., finding a job at Quantico as a timing device used to teach new recruits about bombs. It’s a dangerous job but Scooby Boo Bop loves it and can now afford to buy all the tuna her little ticking heart desires.

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